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How To Pick The Best Divorce Attorney

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Your divorce attorney can greatly impact the results of your divorce. You want to pick a qualified lawyer that shares your views on how to manage the case and has a compatible personality. How do you find that? It takes time and due diligence. Try these 4 steps on how to pick the best divorce attorney. 

Step One: Initial Research 

Start the process of finding a lawyer by searching for family lawyers in your area online. You may feel overwhelmed with hundreds or thousands of results. Narrow down the search to include topics specific to your divorce, such as "lawyer for a spouse who wants to move out of state with children", "pet custody mediation after divorce", and "deportation after canceling a K-1 visa". Hopefully, this will narrow down your options.

Step Two: Meet in Person 

When you find some lawyers that meet your initial requirements, you should schedule a consultation with the lawyers. Narrow it down to 3-5 lawyers. Offer to buy coffee over a fifteen-minute meeting. During the meeting, explain the basics of your case to gauge the reaction you get. You should also use this time to gauge how you mesh with the lawyer. You will need to work with the lawyer in a close capacity for months, so you want to work well with them. If you can't meet in person, a phone call is perfectly acceptable at this point. After you meet with the lawyers, narrow it down to your favorite two options.

Step Three: Verify Credentials and Experience

Once you have your favorite two lawyers, you should verify their credentials. You need to verify the lawyer's degree. You should also verify that the lawyer currently has a valid license to practice law in your state. 

You should also investigate the lawyer's past cases. You want to ensure that the lawyer has verified local wins in similar cases. 

Step Four: Compare Fees and Agreements

You don't want to skimp on a family lawyer due to the high stakes. However, you need to stick to your budget, too. Compare prices and details regarding your agreement. You should also clarify how the lawyer plans to communicate with you and how quickly they plan to respond to your inquiries. You want a lawyer with reasonable rates yet plenty of time for you. 

Ultimately, you will use a combination of verified metrics and emotions to pick your divorce attorney. This is the first of many big decisions you'll have to make soon. Go into your decision with confidence. For more information, contact a divorce attorney near you.