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Bitten By A Dog? Know What Elements Of The Case Are Considered

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If a dog bites you, be aware that you can receive compensation for your injuries by filing a personal injury lawsuit. As your case gets ready to go to court, be sure to know what makes up a solid personal injury case.

The Dog's Owner

One factor that can play into a win or a loss in court is who the dog's owner is. Some states have laws that state how the owner is responsible if they didn't take any steps to keep their dog away from others. For example, if their dog has a history of being aggress, it would be the owner's responsibility to keep their dog on a leash or in a fenced area of your property.

However, other states do not have those laws, and you need to find a way to how that the owner was responsible for causing the situation that led to a dog bite.

The Local Laws

There are  states that have simplified dog bite laws where all you need to do is to prove that the bite happened. While you may think this is easy, it is harder than you think. The concern is that someone may have been bitten by another dog, and try to blame the bite on your dog.

There are also laws that assign responsibility based on if the owner's dog was ever provoke. A good example is if the dog is behind a fence on a piece of property, but you are sticking your hand into the fence to try to pet the dog. The injury would not have happened if the dog was not provoked by a hand reaching in, so the owner may not be held responsible.

The Personal Injuries

Even if you can prove you were the victim of a dog bite and have the ability to sue, the extent of your injuries may cause the case to be thrown out. If you were the victim of a major dog bite that caused you to go the emergency room, miss work, and leave you with several large medical bills, you now have a legal case that requires compensations.

However, dog bites that do not result in needing to go to the emergency room will not lead to compensation. Small scrapes and a little bit of blood are not going to do it in this situation.

For more tips about seeking compensation for your injury, consult a law firm like Maruca Law for advice on what you can do.