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The Importance Of Retaining An Assertive Personal Injury Attorney

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When a mishap leaves you injured, your first thoughts might center on paying for your medical care and making up for lost income. You might fear that you lack the financial resources needed to focus on healing without going bankrupt. In fact, when you did not cause the accident, you might have little to no legal responsibility to cover such expenses. Instead, you can hire a competent and experienced local personal injury attorney to pursue compensation from the person responsible for causing your damages.

Deflecting Blame

The person who caused the accident might try to turn around the facts of what happened and blame you for your own injury. This person may also be more convincing, if not more vocal, about not being responsible at all.

However, when you have a personal injury attorney on retainer, you gain a legal advocate who can deflect the blame from you and place it squarely on the person who rightfully should bear it. Your lawyer can use the facts of the case to show a judge or jury, if necessary, that you had no hand in injuring yourself and the other person is legally and financially liable for your damages.

Filing the Right Claims

Your personal injury attorney can also immediately file insurance claims that can cover most or all of your damages. The insurer of the responsible party may owe you compensation for medical expenses and lost income. The insurer may also be legally required to pay for your prescriptions and any rehabilitation services you need during your recovery.

Your personal injury attorney can obtain the insurance information from the responsible person. They can then make sure those claims are paid out in a timely manner and to the appropriate parties, including you if you are claiming lost income compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit

Finally, your personal injury attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf if the responsible party refuses to accept blame or pay out your damages. The lawsuit can culminate in the court awarding you a judgment. The responsible party may also want to settle out of court. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement to cover your damages in full.

A personal injury attorney can ensure you do not get blamed for what happened and face paying for your own damages. This type of lawyer can also file insurance claims, file a lawsuit, and work out a settlement to resolve the case. 

Contact a local personal injury attorney to learn more.