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Why Handling Your Own Divorce Is Not A Good Idea

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Are you looking to save money on your divorce by handling it on your own? Even though a divorce lawyer will cost you some money, it may be worth it in the end. Here are some problems that can come up when handling your own divorce. 

You Don't Know The Law

There are many issues that can come up from simply not knowing what the laws are regarding a divorce. You may fill out the wrong paperwork, not know how to formally request a hearing in court, and encounter other problems that will just delay the divorce. However, there are even worse mistakes that you can make. This includes agreeing to divorce terms that cannot be changed after the divorce is made final. 

You Don't Know What To Compromise On

Most people want to settle their divorce in mediation rather than go to trial. The problem without having a lawyer to consult with is that you won't know what items to compromise on, which can cause you to go to trial. This also relates back to not knowing the law, because a lawyer will tell you what will likely be ruled on by a judge in court. You could end up holding out on an issue related to the divorce that you will never win and end up giving up other issues as a result. 

The opposite is true as well, where you do not know what issues you can take a stand on because you are within your legal rights. You could end up giving up things in the divorce that you would discover that you are fully entitled to if you had a lawyer. 

You Don't Know What Is Fair For Spousal Support

The problem with calculating spousal support in many states is that there is no formula to do it, even if there are formulas for child support. This means that coming up with what is fair for spousal support may not be obvious for either side. You could end up paying too much in spousal support or end up not asking for what you deserve. A lawyer knows what is fair based on where you live and can help guide this decision. 

You May Try To Hurt Your Spouse

Some people use their divorce as a way to hurt their spouse at the end of their marriage, rather than look at divorce as a way to plan for the future. Trying to hurt your spouse can cause you to make decisions that delay the divorce, cause the divorce to go to trial, and just make the divorce more expensive. Both sides having a lawyer can help prevent this from happening. 

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