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Medication Matters After An Accident

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If the other driver was at fault for your vehicle accident, you are probably entitled to several different monetary damage categories. In most cases, accident victims can be paid for lost wages, pain and suffering, lost and damaged personal items (your vehicle and more), and medical expenses for their injuries. Medical damage can be a lot more important than you might think so read on while that category is broken down into more detail.

Medical Expenses Overall

The other driver's insurer should pay for any medical needs because of the accident. That may include the below items for most accident victims:

Emergency medical services and transport to the hospital.

  • Emergency room costs and physician care.
  • Diagnostic tests, surgery, hospital costs, and more.
  • Rehabilitation services such as physical therapy.
  • Hard medical supplies like a walker, wheelchair, etc.
  • All prescribed medications.

Medication Issues After an Accident

While the other driver's insurer will likely pay for any medications you need, be sure you take into consideration the below points:

  1. Don't settle your case without considering any medication you must continue to take long after the case goes away. That form of damage may fall into the category of future medical treatment. This category contains medication, but it can also cover future surgeries and more.
  2. Keep a log of all medications and note any side effects that affect the quality of your life. Be sure to contact your doctor if the side effect is dangerous. This is another form of damage that falls into the pain and suffering category. One efficient way of keeping up with things is to keep a pain journal. Victims can use a pain journal to record almost every aspect of their journey to recovery. It will be helpful once you meet with your personal injury attorney to talk about getting paid for your damages.
  3. Don't agree to or sign anything, particularly when it's too soon to know how things are going to go with your medical needs. The other side might encourage or pressure you into a settlement before you know how your medication and other issues will affect you. The timing is important, and many badly injured victims will need to undergo an independent medical exam so that the full extent of their health can be determined. The results of this exam will inform your personal injury lawyer about what you need to be paid. However, a second opinion may be needed if you and your lawyer disagree with the results of the exam.

You deserve to be paid for all the ways you have been affected by the careless driver. Speak to a personal injury lawyer from a firm like Deas Law Firm to find out more.