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Getting A Divorce? When To Hire An Alimony Lawyer

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Going through a divorce can bring up so many emotions. The thought of splitting away from someone who you may have formed an extremely strong bond with is only one side of the equation. You then have to think about all of the legalities that come with the dissolution of a marriage. Who will get custody of the children is a big part of things but you also have to consider financial matters. How do you determine how much alimony you should receive? When you need help with the answer to this question, hiring an alimony attorney can help clear things up for you.

Hire An Alimony Lawyer If You Think There Are Hidden Assets

It really doesn't take very much for a person to purchase a very valuable asset and hide it from their spouse. Even if both people actually contributed money to the item, one party can hide deeds, titles, and other evidence of the purchase by putting everything in their own name. If you aren't aware of these big-ticket assets you might petition the court for a very small amount of alimony. What you don't realize is that your former spouse is sitting on a goldmine that they were able to get partially through their connection with your finances.

An alimony lawyer understands how deception can run rampant when two people are getting divorced. These lawyers work with private investigators who will search diligently for any assets that may be out there which you don't know about. If the investigation uncovers hidden assets, the lawyer can set forth to determine if your money was used or if the asset was purchased while you and your partner were together. This can be a game-changer that can truly put the ball in your court.

New Circumstances Require Change

If you agreed to a specific amount of alimony during a time when you were in a bad place financially it might be possible to change it. Your alimony attorney could argue on your behalf, letting the courts know that you were under duress and could not possibly have agreed to such a low sum if you had been in your right state of mind. Your circumstances have changed and now you need more alimony to get you through.

Your alimony attorney is there to help you come out victorious. Work with them so you can get every bit of alimony that you deserve.