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7 Tips To Help Your Custody Case

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Battling it out in court over custody of your child is a difficult time. Nobody wants to go to court to fight over their child, especially when also facing the stress of a divorce or breakup. These tips will help you get through a custody case with your wits and relationship with your child intact.

1. Try to Settle

Whenever possible, try to settle out of court. If you can mediate a custody agreement, you may be much happier with the outcome of your case because you can ask for what you want and arrive at a mutual decision. The decision is not made for you by a judge.

2. Always Stick to the Plan

Even if you have a temporary order in place until your trial, stick to it. Try not to miss a single visit. Additionally, ensure that you keep logs of all your pickups and drop offs so you have evidence and notes for each interaction.

3. Don't Get Into Legal Trouble

One of the worst things you can do while waiting for a child custody dispute to end is get in trouble. Avoid getting arrested for any reason, but especially for issues related to drugs and domestic violence that could be used as evidence you are an unfit parent in court.

4. Get Help for Yourself

Divorce and breakups are hard on their own, and a legal dispute only makes matters more stressful. Now is the perfect time to seek therapy if you have any personal issues you want to deal with. A therapist can also help you deal with stress-related issues linked to custody.

5. Eliminate Drama

Contributing to drama is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while going through a custody dispute. Don't give in to dramatic phone calls, emails, or texts that could lead to a fight or squabble. Essentially, don't give the other party any ammo they can use to show you are angry.

6. Demonstrate Flexibility

Show the court that you are willing to work with the other party. Discuss with your attorney ways you can be accommodating while also showing that you value time with your child.

7. Seek Help When You Need It

Finally, don't forget to work with an attorney who understands family and custody law. Not all attorneys focus on family law, so you should find an attorney who is familiar with custody and child support laws in your state. Maintaining a relationship with your child is critical.

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